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The "Mane" Signature Haircut /$45

A precision haircut executed with sheers. My specialty.

The Clean-Up /$25

Need to get through to your next 'Traditional clipper haircut'?
Neck trim, lineup (with razor detail).


Beard /$25

Design, shape, clean. Straight
razor detail, precision shear work.

Colour Camouflage - Hair /$30

Remove the grey for a younger look, or subtly bring it down for a
more distinguished appearance. The choice is yours!

Traditional Clipper Haircut /$40

Clipper haircut and a proper razor finish.


Head Shave /$40

No 'Mane', all gain... the best bald head in Atlanta!


Hot Towel Shave /$35

Steaming towels, shave oil, hot lather and more.
A contemporary take on the classic shave.

Colour Camouflage - Beard /$30

Blend the grey away in minutes using
a single process colour.